Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How to have your big gay moment

If it's Wednesday it must be Morford. He's in Frisco, where I imagine "big gay moments" are not at all uncommon...

You don't get many of them, really, in your lifetime. Two or three? Maybe a half dozen, if you're lucky? I suppose it largely depends on the era you get to live in, its energy and pulse, its surfeit or shortage of joie de vivre. Also, who you get as president. And if he or she has any real, you know, balls.

Shall we count Obama's sort of stunning, sort of overdue, sort of obvious, sort of shockingly open-throated support of gay marriage as one of those things? One of those turning points, a truly ballsy, pivotal moment in the culture, in politics, in the way we view ourselves? Is it not something that explodes the way we think and re-orients the nation in the same way his skin color already did, something that, a generation from now, will still be discussed as a watershed moment in the accepted meanings of love, sex and evolution of the human soul?

Damn right we should.

Please go read the inspiring rest.

I've had my "gay moment". Mrs. G will never ask me to hold her purse in the checkout line ever again!

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