Monday, May 14, 2012

RNC PR BS sticks head up ass. Again.

The Political Carnival, with video if it won't make you throw up.

RNC Chair Reince Priebus*: Gay Americans who want marriage equality don’t deserve civil rights, dignity, or respect.

*Take away the vowels, that's RNC PR BS.

No civil rights, dignity, or respect is what we get with those throwbacks for being right when they're wrong if we let them take over like they are desperately trying to.

Priebus is just another ideological idiot and an old crony of Goobernor Scott Walker. Perfect for the head of the RNC.

In other news, the impending murder of the Repuglican't Party by the far right is being celebrated by everybody with any smarts and going entirely unnoticed by the soon-to-be deadee.

When I think of the despicable and last ditch tactics of the Repugs all over the country I am reminded of the old gearhead saying, "They always run best just before they blow". If the Repugs are runnin' so good, Lord please let 'em keep their foot in the fuel pump until there is a loud noise and a hot mist of oil followed by the sound of metal hitting the deck and then blessed silence!


skip 2 colorado said...

Head inserted in ass is the standard position for GOP. Quickly becoming ONLY position.

montag said...

Charlie Pierce refers to this twit as Prince Riebus

Fixer said...

Yeah, it would be nice if, one day, we could clean up the GOP with a bag of speedy dry, a broom, and a snow shovel, just like you do after a motor undergoes "catastrophic disassembly".