Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Willard's Bain

El Rude-o

See, as the Obama campaign and its SuperPAC tear into the Bain jugular, which is as Rovean as it gets by going right at your opponent's perceived strength and turning it into a weakness (see "Truth, Swift Boat Veterans for" in the index of campaign horrors perpetrated on Democrats), they need to remember that not only was Bain Capital itself an entity that destroyed some companies in the name of investor profits, but that Mitt Romney couldn't even bother to get his hands dirty.

He wasn't a vulture capitalist. He was a pussy capitalist. It's like having your friends hold down a gay classmate while you cut his hair. No, wait. It's like paying someone to do the cutting while you watch and jack off at the sight.

And from the post below that one:

The Obama campaign has gone after Romney's lie of a business record with a Rovean savagery that's kind of boner-causing. More on that later this week.

Not sure I wanta know more about yer boner, Rude-o, but I'll take one for the team. Heh.


Scroff said...

You might want to reword that last comment, people might think you're, well, um, how to be polite about this...

Gordon said...

There's no need to be delicate here, old chap! Let 'er rip! Heh.