Monday, September 24, 2012

Does Mitt want your vote?

Thanks to Too Informed To Vote Republican for the pic.


WhyNot said...

Howdy Fixer,

How've you been? Long time, no see - sorry about that.

Hey, I can't really say anything about US internal politics since I don't live there any longer (and it's been so for a decade). However, I trust that while I have not the slightest fucking idea who Mitt Romney is, if you think he is an asshole, then the sky is the limit as to the size of it.

There are a few Americans who regularly hang around at PP, they might be in a better position to appreciate your views, lol.

I'm in a particularly happy mood because of one my best friends ever, an American woman with the nickname of Luna, has re-surfaced after a long long long absence.

She is very smart and cluey and I have no doubt she'd find what you say interesting.

Due to out-of-this-world floods of SPAM which caused my ISP to shut down my blog 3 times (and with a firm promise they would never "re-open" it a 4th time), PP is now only accessible by logging in with an existing account.

If you felt like popping in, use the following, which I just created for you:


(both case-sensitive)

Oh, nearly forgot:

Hope to see ya!

Gordon said...

Willard can want my vote in one hand and shit in the other. Let's see which fills up first.