Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Quote of the Day

Mr. Charles P. Pierce:

... More to the point — and this is something that Ann Romney would not say, but I will: Every one of the people who are now so horrified at the campaign Mitt Romney is running spent three decades making the campaign Mitt Romney's running absolutely inevitable.


A dick sandwich; sidewalk underneath, sole of shoe on top, mit a big schmear of stupid.

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Gordon said...

Reagan started it and they thought they could get away with anything until they let Cheney and Bush in there because they didn't think it mattered much any more who was in, no matter how vile or stupid, as long as it was one of theirs. Bush ended it but they're too blind to realize it's over. Romney's the best they could come up with and the last nail in the coffin. Maybe they'll come to their senses after President Hil, but I doubt it.