Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Headline of the Day

UC Davis Students Reach $1 Million Settlement with University Over Pepper-Spraying Incident
Let's see - $1mil ÷ 21 students = -clicketyclicketyching - $47,647.61 each.

For that kinda jing ya can spray me with anything ya want even if it violates every civil & Constitutional right I've got for a few minutes! Doesn't make it right, though.


Fixer said...

Thing is, tuitions are gonna go up at UCD to pay for it.

Gordon said...

Probably. The UC system has billions in endowments and won't get off a dime to help students. A lot of colleges and universities are like that. It sucks.

nunya said...
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nunya said...

My kid graduated from there, and went from someone with hope as far as politics went to someone disgusted with politics in general (in 2 years). It's a notoriously conservative school and they needed to have some sense knocked into them.