Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Question & Quote of the Day


Michael Tomasky on How Obama Shouldn’t Back Down Vs. the GOP


Elections are supposed to have consequences. So why does the GOP think it can strong-arm the president into compromising on entitlements without first giving in on taxes?

Because they're bullies and thugs and it's always worked for them so that's what they know how to do. I think the President has finally figured out that he has to stand up to them. I hope.


It’s nice to see Norquist’s Maginot Line holding about as well as the real one did.

Heh. Gruber's a bully and thug too. It'll be very enjoyable to watch his ass get knocked down, particularly because it'll be done by his own side. A buncha bullies beating up on a bully lest they be beat down because of him. Very satisfying.


Obama will have to give to get. That’s how it goes. But he’d better not forget, and he’d better not let the Republicans forget, that he just won an election in which the American people were given a clear choice—and they made it. Republicans walking away from Norquist deserve a few brownie points for coming back to planet Earth, but that sure doesn’t entitle them to start calling any shots.

Sometimes you have to hit these mule-headed assholes with a 2x4 to get their attention. Swing away, Mr. President.


Phil said...

Drive a few nails in the working end first.

Gordon said...

Good point. You wouldn't do that to a mule, but these assholes have it coming.

Jimbo said...

The point is that Obama must not negotiate with himself first before negotiating with the dead-enders. That's what he did first term to everyone's frustration. That's got to end or his "legacy" is for shit.

Gordon said...

I think he learned his lesson about dealing with dishonorable people. Once they screw you, hammer 'em.

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