Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Your Prius will not save you now

If it's Wednesday it must be Morford on how to cope with the Earth augering in all around you.

You gotta take care of your own karma. You gotta nurture your own heart, take care of what’s around you and immerse yourself in those you love, calm the fearful and anxious mind and choose where to place your energy as wisely as possible, offering heaps of compassion to all needful things in your world but careful not to overload the psycho-emotional circuitry lest you blow out your nav system and die.

It’s all another way of saying, the karma of the world is not yours to solve. This is the great teaching, shared across any responsible tradition you can name. Shoulder all the illnesses, traumas, violence, abuses, pollutions of the planet, feel the suffering and pains of every living creature, along with the seemingly imminent doom of the earth herself, and watch yourself implode.

Put another way: Do you believe our science and technology will surely save us, because smart people and sheer luck have almost always kept total annihilation at bay, save for all those times and all those magnificent empires throughout history when they didn’t?

This much we know, and this much is sometimes all we can know. You gotta take care of your own karma, the love around you. As the terrific Tantra teacher Rod Stryker told me recently, you gotta calm the frenzied terrors of the mind enough that you can summon the bravery to act with full and clear conscience. This is the only way. This is all you can do.

Maybe Chicken Little was right all along.

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