Monday, December 17, 2012

Oh, the irony...

Ironic Times

Obama: Prosecution of Pot Smokers Not “Top Priority”
Impact: if you and a bunch of guys drive around getting stoned and calling yourselves the Choom Gang, don't expect to be brought up on federal charges.

U.S. Military Judge Rules That No Mention of Torture of Accused May Be Permitted in Trial of Khalid Sheik Mohammed
Citing Sharia law.

Mitch McConnell Filibusters His Own Proposal
Then punches himself in the nose, shoots himself in the foot.

Whites No Longer Majority In U.S. by 2043
Americans can look forward to better food, better music, better sports.
Now that, folks, is no shit!


Anonymous said...
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DBK said...

Better sports? There's no limit on people of color in sports and excellence determines participation, not demographics. The same goes for music.

As for food, that's a matter of taste. I prefer French and Italian, but there's a lot of merit in a lot of cultures' foods, and I tend to enjoy most of them. Thai? Great stuff. Chinese? Absolutely, and I'll have another helping, thanks. Japanese? Oh hell yes. Ethiopian? Pretty damned good (but I didn't like sitting on those low chairs with that lower table--hurts the back). I've eaten foods from a great variety of cultures and enjoyed most of them. Vietnamese, Greek, Russian, Jewish (a LOT of Jewish, still my favorite of all, but then I am Jewish so there you go). If you take England and Ireland out of the mix, white people cook some damn fine food along with all the rest. Oh and take the Scandinavians out of it too. I've never seen a restaurant advertising authentic English, Irish, or Scandinavian cooking. And I live in Minnesota, where you would think there would be Scandinavian restaurants all over the place. There's only one I know of, it is Nordic, and the menu reads like any other and nothing very ethnic about it.

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