Friday, December 21, 2012

Plan B - Over The Top

Plan B fiasco leaves GOP lost, divided, and weak
Nothing wrong with that!

I used to think Orange Boner was just so weak a leader that he couldn't throw a beer party in a brewery if someone else brought the nachos.

Today I'm more inclined to think of him as a character in a WWI movie. Picture him as Sub-Leftenant Pugsley-Codswallop waving his Webley revolver, on a lanyard of course, over his head and exhorting the grizzled veterans of Her Majesty's Involuntary Rifles to "Over the top, lads! Follow me!". The men, played by Reps. Cantor and McCarthy, simply wait until his machine-gun-bullet-riddled corpse falls back in the trench and continue with their bully beef and tea and hope he doesn't have so much lead in him that he'll be too heavy to carry off before he starts to stink.

It's a heartwarming visual, isn't it?


The humiliation of John Boehner

He's powerless, and his own party continues to make him look like a fool. Maybe he'll just walk away
Better than being carried. Heh.


Phil said...

He is up for reelection as Speaker in two weeks too. Giggle.

Gordon said...

I can hear my arteries hardening from all the extra on the popcorn I've been consuming whilst enjoying all this. Heh.

Gordon said...

Butter. Extra butter.

Anonymous said...

I gotta tell you, I felt sorry for Boehner today. The number of GOP knives sticking in his back was shocking!!!

The ever grinning, ever smirking Eric Cantor might make us remember Boehner with fondness.

Jay in N.C.

Gordon said...

Kinda like the General who was touring a Marine base in a combat. All these little whiz sounds and puffs of dirt. "What's that?" he asked of his Colonel escort. "Oh,nothin' much. We got us a sniper over there." "Why don't you kill him?" "'Cuz they might get some sonofabitch to replace him who can shoot!"

Gordon said...

Combat zone. Yeesh. I oughta read my shit before I print it.