Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dysfunction Junction

Paul Begala on "Why the GOP resembles a failed state".

The textbook (OK, Wikipedia) definition of a failed state contains several elements, not all of which apply to a political party—such as maintaining a monopoly on violence, which, thank God, is not part of the job description for House Republicans. But other tests in the Fund for Peace’s Failed State Index sound as if they were written with Boehner’s bunch in mind:

“Mounting demographic pressures.” Republicans have lost ground among Latinos, Asian-Americans, single women, and younger voters. At this rate, in another quarter century they’ll be left with no one but Clint Eastwood and his chair.

“Delegitimization of the state.” That’s kind of the entire point of modern Republicanism, isn’t it?

“Rise of factionalized elites.” Are you kidding me? The country clubbers hate the Tea Partiers, the neocons hate the traditionalists, the libertarians distrust the religious right; this isn’t a political party, it’s Yugoslavia circa 1991.
Heh. The Repugs haven't done anything good for the country as a whole since Eisenhower built the Interstate system. The internal turkey-slap that's going on in the GOP isn't very good for the nation in the short term, although I think it will be in the long term, but the Bush Years showed we can survive anything, even if only barely, and it's sure as hell fun to watch! And, brother, we have it coming to watch these assholes tear each other to shreds!

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