Monday, January 21, 2013

Headlines of the Day

Powell: Republican leaders should stop ‘idiot presentations’ from Palin and birthers
Good on ya, General. You'll mend your reputation yet.

Harvard scientist seeks ‘adventurous female’ to give birth to cloned Neanderthal
Have Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann been through the change yet? They'd be perfect!


montag said...

The test would involve implanting an embryo. Any healthy woman regardless of age could do it, even Sarah & Michelle. And Sarah's daughter Bristlecone would still be young enough to check out when it came time to see if a male child could reproduce.

David Aquarius said...

I think this would be a travesty. Why would a respectable scientist do something so cruel and heartless, not to mention unethical and inhumane.

I mean, Palin? Bachmann? Implanting the ancient DNA of a Neanderthal into a creature much lower on the evolutionary scale is just wrong.

What did the Neanderthal do to deserve such abuse?