Monday, April 15, 2013


When I heard about the Boston Marathon bombing, my first thought after it was determined not to be a natural gas explosion, was that it was home-grown right-wing terrorists. Local Patriot's Day, Income Tax day, etc. To me, it fits.

Other people have their prejudices too. One of the first reactions I heard was "Burn all the mosques! It's Obama's fault!"

I'm ashamed to have to call those assholes Americans.

Who do you think is closer?


DBK said...

I'm thinking some teabag dumbass upset because he has to pay taxes. Foreign terrorists would have killed more. This year is the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the income tax. I'm guessing it was a teabag douche.

Spud said...

I'm figuring that it was an angry demented individual... matter the cause or origins thereof.

WhyNot said...

Hi guys, long time no see - sorry.

"I'm ashamed to have to call those assholes Americans."

Don't. Every nation has its contigent of fascist assholes. Even during Hitler's reign, a large number of the military personel had no idea of the genocides going on. Hell, even his personal secretary, a young woman from Munich, was in total darkness.

I think her name was Eva Braun. I've seen an interview with her, aged into her 90s, and she is in state of mind that is a mixture of total disbelief (of having been fooled/deceived for years) and horror (because she was right in the middle of the rattlesnake's pit and didn't notice a thing).

The only area where USA is significantly behind other western nations is its totally retarded wacko born-again fuckwit population. Methinks Obama should burn all their churches, lol (with them fascist fucktards inside, of course!).

Only then will Thomas Jefferson's wish for a secular United States become true.

Gordon said...

Eva Braun was Hitler's main squeeze. I've seen an interview with his secretary but I can't remember her name.

Syrbal/Labrys said...

I think it is a demented home-grown, too. And one of my first readings was some idiot saying how happy he'd be to submit to a cavity search 'right now'. Not only are they assholes and idiots? But I dont' want to see the ass that could hole a pressure cooker full of bomb.

Ivan said...

Call me hopeful, but since no one has "claimed" this atrocity yet, I'm starting to think it's something even more pathetic: some loser trying to get back at a girlfriend ("Dump me for a marathon runner! I'll show her!") or something equally asinine.

(On the other hand, I can't remember if McVeigh & pals "claimed" Oklahoma City either, so...)

I'm just glad the only sport my Beantown relatives enjoy is "bending the elbow," so were nowhere near this horror.

CAFKIA said...

It always amazes me how some people loudly and frequently and publicly "believe" that the government can't do anything right (especially Obama's gubmint) until there is something like this. Then I am supposed to believe they are sincere and honest when they tell me that the government either hatched the plan and kept it secret or, knew about the plan and kept it secret, to the point of not warning their friends and families.

I believe it was a homegrown asswipe with delusions of grandeur that were dashed when his grand plan did not kill the thousands he predicted. (yes, I intentionally used the pronoun "he". While I have no inside knowledge re this particular bit of violent idiocy, it is my gender that almost always reacts most stupidly so, I would bet my lunch money on it being a "he" when he is found and arrested/buried.)

Ghoulardi said...

Seems there is a big rush to blame on both sides, each not so secretly hoping the bad guy is either a white wing nut job or a left wing radical. I think all can agree the guy is a coward.

Attacks like this are easy and I do not place blame on Obama, just as I don't believe Barney Frank's laments that it is the right's fault.

I think Pres Obama's initial statement was spot on and the fact that he did not mention "terror" or "terror attack" did not bother me in the least, though I'm sure the pressure was there post Benghazi. It was only a few hours after the blasts and facts were few.

When the person is identified, his/her political leanings will not mean squat to me...This is a sick person and as such what he believes holds no water.

I think the bombs were planned for the marathon an event that assured a crowd and the potential for mass casualties. That it was also tax/patriot day was not a factor.

I pray for Boston.

Gordon said...

Thank you all for your opinions. The truth when it comes out is likely to be stranger yet.

The Precious said...

Turn out they are permanent residents and have been in the US for ten years. The news speculated about an Islamic connection, because they are originally from Chechen, but there's nothing in that but the usual speculation. What we do know is that they are a couple of idiots and one of them is already dead. At 26 years of age. The one still living is 19. Idiots. The 19 year old will be dead pretty quick too. But they are teabaggers. That much is certain. Because teabaggers = idiots. Do the math.