Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Teabaggers Can Go Fuck Themselves

Tea Party Officially Blames Obama For Boston Marathon Bombing

In the hours after yesterday’s Boston Marathon attack, the right wing was quick to blame Muslim extremists despite the lack of a single indication of the identity of those involved. Similarly there were those on the left, like me, who were just as quick to point out that a bombing on Tax Day/Patriot’s Day at a marathon dedicated to the families of the Newtown Massacre smacked of a right wing Timothy McVeigh style “protest” (aka right wing terrorism). Time will tell which of us is correct but rather than wait for the facts to surface, the Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips has decided that President Obama is clearly to blame in an email sent out on Tuesday.

The second purpose of all this anti-Muslim screeching is even more disgusting: That this attack occurred on Tax Day as well as Patriot’s Day (the third Monday in April) at an event in which several of the Newtown families were running is a giant red arrow pointing, not at Muslims, but at right wing extremists steeped in Tea Party rhetoric of revolution, Second Amendment solutions and “watering the tree of liberty with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” They know this. They also know that if this turns out to be the case, the nation’s eyes will look to them just like they did after the Oklahoma City Bombing. Back then, the silent guilt they carried was enough for them to tone down the proto-Tea Party insanity that is fully realized today. As a preemptive move, they are loudly blaming Obama and Muslims because if (when) the other shoe drops and the country finds out that, yes, Fox News and Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh and the entire conservative entertainment complex that oozes violence and eliminationist rhetoric had a hand in egging on the bomber(s), they will already have millions of conservatives ready to defend them and even refute that it wasn’t a Muslim. Keep in mind, this is the political movement that still has a large percentage of people that believe Obama is a secret Muslim, Iraq was behind 9/11 and that we found the WMDs. A year from now, they will still be absolutely convinced that Muslims attacked Boston and Obama “let it happen.”

The right wing media knows its audience and they know how tight a grip they have on how that audience (mis) perceives reality. Expect to see a lot more of the kind of self-serving trash that the Tea Party Nation is selling to its easily manipulated audience in the next couple of days and weeks. They have to get in there and shape public opinion before reality rears its ugly head.

The story lies in between those quotes. Go read it even though you know just about what it says. The Teabagger pukes make me sick.


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