Thursday, August 8, 2013

A thought on the embassy closings

What if the al Qaeda bigwigs, knowing full well the western world is listening in on them, did their 20-something person conference call to make plans for a big attack without actually planning to do it? What if the phone conference was enough? What if it was the whole plan all along?

If so, al Qaeda must be laffin' their asses off at the reaction.


merlallen said...

I had that same thought.

casey said...

Hello Gordon,

The easiest way to defeat your enemy is to make him do what you want. If you keep him off balance then eventually he will be easy pickings just like when Alexander the Great went up against Darius II at the battle of Gaugamela on October 1, 331 BC. For those that do not know of this battle Alexander moved some of his forces on what looked like a sweeping/enveloping trip to attack the flank of Darius II' army. Darius II sent some of his forces to go parallel to Alexander. When Alexander was satisfied that the opposing forces were too far away to help the main force he doubled back and attacked Darius II. This turned out to be a decisive victory over Darius II.

CAFKIA said...

Supposedly serious conservatives will hold forth about how St Ronnie of Raygun was able to defeat the evil empire by making them spend more than they could afford defending against attacks that were not forthcoming.

For some reason, they cannot see that tactic in play here. If you add up the cost of all of the phones and plans and pay the guys a thousand an hour each for their time, the "evil doers" are out a generous maximum of $30,000.00. We have spent (or will spend) a minimum of a hundred times that and probably more like a thousand times that in the variety of ways we prepare for and try to find out more about the non-forthcoming attack.

Politics is expensive.

Brian said...


Hahahahaha...made y'all jump.