Monday, November 18, 2013

Blackwater is no more

Good. Me'n Fixer railed against these bastards for years. They're gone. I hope Prince dies broke and under a bridge.

Crooks and Liars with video and links.

Oh, poor widdle Erik Prince.

It's all us mean liberals' fault that Blackwater is no more. They were no match for our powerful anti-war scapegoating; just incapable of withstanding the force of of our "cold and timid souls" intent on taking down this patriotic company protecting Americans from the evil 'terrists'.

Seriously, how pathetic is that logic? Man up, Prince, and take your lumps.

Admit that Blackwater was a cesspool of corruption done completely without the input or influence of those 'timid' liberals at whom you sneer.

Did liberals make you run guns?
Did anti-war activists force you to charge the government for prostitutes?
Was it the timid souls who told you to massacre Iraqi civilians and get yourselves kicked out of Iraq?
Was it us big meanies who so tainted the name "Blackwater" with fraud, murder, corruption and out-of-control mercenaries that you were forced to change the name to Xe (which didn't work as well as you hoped and now the name is Academi) and move the corporation outside the US Justice Dept controls to the United Arab Emirates? Need I go on, because there are a ton of corruption and fraud charges levied against Blackwater/Xe/Academi?

Cry me a river, you WATB. The slime and filth that is Blackwater's reputation is entirely of your making. You just aren't man enough to admit it. Nor are you smart enough to be apologetic for it. The way the world views the US is in no small part tainted by the corruption and crime brought to the Middle East by Blackwater. We all pay for your cowardice.
We paid through the fucking nose too, in more ways than one. Thanks for fucking Fallujah you undisciplined arrogant pieces of shit. Thanks for all our troops who got shot up in a ville because YOU pissed off the locals against Americans before they got there. And thank you Rummie for the brilliant fucking idea of "military contractors" to do the jobs of real soldiers and Marines at a hundred times the price without the regulation and discipline. I hope your pal Cheney is sharing the blood money with you.

If it was up to me, private contractors, mercenaries, would be an automatic free fire zone for our REAL troops in a war zone.


BadTux said...

Mr. Prince's main crime in the eyes of Washington D.C. was tying himself so closely to Republicans. With Republicans out of power, his brand isn't worth a bucket of warm spit. But before you say good riddance to bad garbage, Republicans will be back in office sooner or later. When they are, you can bet that Erik Prince is going to ooze out from under some log like primordial slime and be right back in the moolah again. That's how that kind is. Sigh.

Deidra said...


"If it was up to me, private contractors, mercenaries, would be an automatic free fire zone for our REAL troops in a war zone."

I really think you're onto something here. In fact, it's a brilliant idea, a stroke of genius! Since it is generally regarded a a crime against nature (and so it should be!) to shoot wild animals like tigers, panthers, antilopes, lions, even crocodiles, we are in desperate need of a substitute, wouldn't you agree?

And here it is, big as life: the new perfect shooting target: the WAR CONTRACTORS, the MERCENARIES, and better still, the people who organized and funded them in the first place, i.e., the GW Bushes, Dick Cheneys, and other cunts guilty of genocide and other crimes against humanity.

I've never fired a gun in my life, in fact I've never even SEEN a gun in my life, but I can feel deep inside myself a burgeoning enthusiasm for this most intriguing form of entertainment.

Maybe they could have it as one of the disciplines at the Olympic games? How would Gold, Silver and Bronze medals be awarded, though? Any suggestions?

Comrade Misfit said...

Prince ought to end up either dying in a Federal high-security prison or summarily executed and tossed into a shallow grave in one of those Third World shitholes that he sought to profit from.

Gordon said...

Comrade Misfit and Deirdra, I can only think of Kipling's line "when the women come out to cut up the remains..." :-)

Badtux, the next Repug President hasn't been born yet.

Unknown said...

Blackwater became a PR liability for the war industry. Looting the treasury and killing poor people for fun and profit has to be done under patriotic cover. Mercenaries who get videoed murdering people become an embarrassment to the business. At least the part about getting recorded is embarrassing. I don't think the killing bothered them at all. Just like Mr. Cheney, killing gives their lives meaning. It's something us bleeding heart libs just can't understand.