Monday, November 18, 2013

"Save A Flush!" Headline of the Day

Bashir: Maybe someone should poop in ‘world class idiot’ Sarah Palin’s mouth
There's so much shit comes outta her screechy piehole she'd never notice a little going in.


Anonymous said...

50 years ago today you and I took a bus to MCRD. life changed. 50 years of water under the bridge later, all I want to do is not hate. what do you want?

bob plt 187

WhyNot- said...

Sarah Palin... oh fuck, don't get me started!

There was one hilarious incident some years, though: a couple of FR Canadian journalists, pretending to be direct personal assistant to the then fascist FR president Nicolas Sarkozy, rang her office and got to talk to her.

But those guys pushed the joke even one step further; they said to her that Sarkozy himself wanted to talk to her, and "would she accept"?

Naturally Sarah was frantically masturbating in excitement and had already reached multiple orgasms by the time she picked up the phone.

Now, this is where it gets nearly as good as a Marx Brothers movie: the other Canadian dude pretended to be Sarkozy himself, and the ensuing conversation went something like:

NS: "Dear lady! I am sooo happy to talk to youze. I have been said zat you like a little bit of naughty hunting and I was wondering if you could invite me for a twosome in your dear Alaska province, yes?"

SP: "Dear president! I am so honored! of course, it would be my greatest pleasure! We have wonderful hunting there, all kinds of beasts, cariboos, wolves, foxes, polar bears, inuits and eskimos."

NS: "Super! then I look forward to going a a spree of massacring millions of those pesky beasts that get in the way of building the wholesome pipelines! Just between you and me, we'll have more orgasmic experiences than the entire world has ever witnessed!"

SP: "Absolutely! I am soooo excited, I'm already playing with myself in eager anticipation! Call me Sarah please!!!"

Etc etc.

The retarded dumbfuck went on and on, sinking deeper and deeper, and couldn't believe her eyes and ears when, the very next day, it was all over "Le Monde" in print, and broadcast on all FR and Canadian radio stations, lol.

Ah, she definitely is the crème de la crème of Repugnican politicians, lol.

WhyNot said...


Something you say in your previous article:

"Study: PG-13 Films Now More Violent Than R
Shooting people with assault weapons ok; using bad words offensive.

Absolutely, lol! this reminds me of something... back in Oz, many many years ago, decades in fact.

I was up north in Queensland with my girlfriend, on holiday. There wasn't much to do where we were, and one afternoon, out of sheer boredom, we went to the one and only cinema in town.

They were showing Walt Disney's "Bambi".

However, as always, before the movie, they show you previews of other films "soon to be shown in this theater".

One of them was "Rambo 4".

And so, you had a theater full of kids aged 4 to 10, and they were treated with 10 minutes of super-graphical dismembering bodies, blowing them to bits, ripping heads off, and other wholesome family entertainement.

But, the wonderful news is that I don't remember the use of any 4 letter words, so don't fret, ALL is PERFECTLY WELL!!!

Now THAT's what I call "discerning" film rating and parental guidance!

Gordon said...

Bob, what I want is for the small but LOUD minority of assholes in this country to quit hating the rest of us. Fat chance.

The best nickname I've heard for Screechin' Sarah is "Turdette of the Tundra". :-)

Gordon said...

And Bob, happy 50th. Where did the time go?