Thursday, May 15, 2014

Excerpt of the Day

From "Will Justice Scalia Ever Get Tired of Tasting His Own Ass?" at Political Garbage Chute.

By the time Scalia leaves this mortal coil, his entire career on the high court will be riddled with embarrassing decisions. These decisions will declare to all of history to come after us that he was a bitter, old bigot who used his enormous authority to hurt the average American time and again. Whether by gleefully and unapologetically giving corporations and Wall Street a wide open door through which they can enter and buy off our government wholesale, or by just as gleefully and unapologetically standing up for the rights of the bigots to write laws that hurt minorities, Scalia has been right there to make sure the elite get to keep their oligarchy, and his legacy will be forever tarnished for it.

Along with democracy.

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