Saturday, May 17, 2014

Saturday Emmlou Blogging

This one was up some time ago and was taken down. I'm glad it's back up! A little wide, a little flat, but the tune's good.

Thanks to OldTyme TunesFour.


Deirdra said...

I haven't watched/listened to the video clip, partly because it takes ages to load video clips, and partly because the few you advertised in the past (and which I have listened to) were... errr... kinda shit music.

Which is a shame because both WhyNot and I absolutely LOVE a lot of American music, particularly the huge choice of funk and fusion styles. Like Spyro Gyra, Chick Corea, Al Jarreau, Count Basic (not to be confused with Count Basie), Earth Wind & Fire, George Benson, and dozens more.

UK also produces some great funk & fusion music, even if nowhere near as much as USA. Fantastic bands like Shakatak, Level 42, and many more.

I have heard a recording of WhyNot and his partner Sarah Fogarty doing a live rendition of Earth Wind & Fire's "Gotta getcha into my life" (originally an old Beatle's song), and it's sheer magic.
By the way, the hyperlink you have for Al Jazeera (in your right-hand column) doesn't work properly; it points to this adress:

Which does link to Al Jazeera's site, but with a message from them saying:

"The page you have requested was not found".

But I'm glad you have them in your link list; they are a great news site.

Deirdra said...

I see that you're too retarded to even notice you have a coment, or at least too retarded to find the wits to reply anything to it.

No wonder you score zero comment after sero comment on everyone of your articles, lol. So I'll be a good girl and leave you well alone from now on, so that you can wallow with great pride and joy in your pityful lonely rag, lol.

Happy mutual fellatio, lol.

So long/ciao/adieu.