Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Goss, again

Bill at Whiskey Bar has an extensive look at the new DCI, Porter Goss. No surprise to me.

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Well, the Democrats may feel politically compelled to pull their punches, but former CIA Director Stansfield Turner apparently does not:

"This is the worst appointment that's ever been made to the office of director of central intelligence because that's an office that needs to be kept above partisan politics."

If anything, that seems a bit of an understatement. When Richard Nixon decided to bang heads together at the CIA, and thereby stop the flow of Watergate-related leaks he suspected were originating there, he at least sent in James Schlesinger - an experienced bureacrat who'd already paid his dues in the national security state. Bush, on the other hand, is sending in a partisan hack congressman with absolutely no experience managing large organizations, and whose glory days as a CIA operative are more than three decades in the past.

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Go read the whole thing.

Update: 08:40:

Kevin at Lean Left has more on Goss here.

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