Sunday, August 8, 2004

Vets and Kerry

Kevin Hayden at The American Street sees it the same way I do. Kerry showed courage on the Mekong Delta and when he came home and testified before Congress against the war.

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Just as the Abu Ghraib sergeant knew his revelations would invite a backlash, Kerry was aware he'd get a backlash, too. Thirty-two years later, some are pissed at him still.

I not only view Kerry as a hero for his service in 'Nam. He was a hero for risking the wrath of some vets in his effort to end the war and save thousands of more lives from being wasted. That's the sort of gratitude one gets for moral courage: 32 years of bitterness and ads timed to hurt him politically.

They just don't get that he's already a winner and will be even if he doesn't get elected. Moral courage is something I haven't seen in the White House in a couple of decades.

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