Monday, August 9, 2004



Ahmad Chalabi and his nephew Salem Chalabi said Monday that warrants issued for their arrests by Iraq's Central Criminal Court were part of a political conspiracy trumped up by former Saddam Hussein loyalists.

Ahmad Chalabi, a former Governing Council member with strong U.S. ties, was wanted in Iraq on counterfeiting charges, while Salem Chalabi, head of the special tribunal in charge of trying Saddam, faced an arrest warrant for murder, Iraq's chief investigating judge said Sunday.

And the White House acts like nothing's wrong? This was the Great Iraqi Hope and the Grand Inquisitor. These were the guys who were going to give this whole Iraq fiasco legitimacy. Don't you remember Ol' Ahmed sitting with Laura at the State of the Union Address last year? The excuses for war were given based on intelligence these assholes provided. Bunch of fucking amateurs in the White House. Quoting Theresa Heinz:

"Three more months, three more months, three more months!"

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