Thursday, August 12, 2004

"Turning the corner."

From Kos:

[. . .]

Like I've said, the more the Bush campaign talks about how great the economy is doing, the more out of touch it will appear to folks on the ground. We all know someone who is unemployed, or undemployed, or overworked and miserable at workplaces decimated by layoffs, or trapped at a dead-end job without any other prospects.
The turning a corner line was a huge blunder -- one not backed by either the economy or the situation in Iraq. And, it was tacit admission that things were shitty.

An incumbent isn't allowed to run on change. It fails the laugh test. If the voters want change, they'll choose the other guy.

It was finally too obvious for the campaign to keep talking about turning corners. They'll have to go back to that old standard -- the terrorist boogeyman. [my emphasis]

Bush's policies couldn't pass the laugh test when he passed the first tax cut, but back then, no one looked hard enough or asked tough enough questions.

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