Thursday, April 28, 2005

Between Iraq and a Hard Place

Excellent article in TomDispatch about the upcoming draft. Long, but well worth it.
But if the draft advocates eventually persuade the administration that a conscripted army is viable, I believe they would still have to overcome a second layer of reluctance among decision-makers in charge of military policy: a fear that the draft will specifically alienate those who currently endorse the war in Iraq (my emphasis). Pro-war partisans rest much of their support of administration foreign policy on the expectation that the January 30 election was a turning point, that the battle of Falluja disabled the resistance, that Iraqi troops will be ready to handle the guerrillas in the not-too-distant future -- and that American troops will soon be brought home at least reasonably victorious. The reinstitution of a draft would constitute an admission that these beliefs are so many illusions. In all likelihood, therefore, any relaxation of the unequivocal opposition to the draft in the administration would indeed precipitate a sharp erosion of the war's already eroding base. Opposition might then reach the critical mass needed to make withdrawal "thinkable."

Bush's imperialistic criminal war is just fine so long as other people's kids have to fight and die for it, huh, you bastards? When your kid has to go, it's time to drop the charade.

Let's let the draft commence and bring the troops home. But not too soon. You want your kid to have a chance to participate in God's Bush's glory, don't you? I do. Even if it kills him. I'm not a nice person on this subject.

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