Thursday, June 23, 2005

Wrong headed

From Loren blogging at Jane's:

With his voice cracking from emotion Illinois Senator Dick Durbin apologized for questioning the tactics of U.S. military interrogators at Guantanamo Bay. You didn't need a television or a radio to hear the cackling from conservative Republican operatives.

Score another victory for Bushite Forces punching the right emotional buttons with the American public. It's all about marketing your message. If you know how to play the game you can turn a lousy movie into a blockbuster at the box office, sell a car that eats gasoline like a hungry sumo wrestler or in this case sell a political perception.

[. . .]

Durbin should have told everyone to go fuck themselves. We are turning our troops in Gitmo into Nazi Stormtroopers by allowing their harsher demons to emerge in these kind of environments. They are torturing detainees. And the fact we are holding hundreds of of people without charge goes completely against the American philosophy.

And you wonder why the Repubs think we're pushovers.

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