Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Today could be DeDay...

From the Associated Press:

The Texas grand jury investigating House Majority Leader Tom DeLay's state political organization was completing its term Wednesday after demonstrating a recent interest in conspiracy charges that could bring more indictments.

Lawyers with knowledge of the case said the DeLay defense team was concerned that the Travis County grand jury might consider counts of conspiracy to violate the state election code.
Before the recent conspiracy counts, the investigation was more narrowly focused on the state election code. By expanding the charges to include conspiracy, prosecutors made it possible for the grand jury to bring charges against DeLay. Otherwise, the grand jury would have lacked jurisdiction under state laws.
Three of DeLay's political associates, the PAC itself, several corporate donors and a Texas business organization have been indicted, while DeLay has not.

"Hot Tub Tommy" is circling the drain. Whee! If he is indicted, I will do the Dance of Joy Deluxe, which includes body oil. Valvoline Racing 50 oughta do the trick!

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