Monday, April 30, 2007

Grounds For Dismissal

There is so much crap flyin' around about Tenet's revelations and proof(?) of stuff we already knew that it's hard to pick good shit to post, but I like the heck out of this one at BuzzFlash:

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Face The Nation dismissed accusations made by former CIA Director George Tenet about the Bush administration's early decisions on Iraq and Afghanistan: "We can't tolerate any present or past member of the administration, even the head of the CIA, telling the truth. That is a violation of the terms of employment in the Bush Administration." (Okay, BuzzFlash made the quotation up.)

Made it up? More like read her mind! Or her e-mails...

The sorta funny part about this is that Tenet ostensibly wrote his book to try and get himself off the hook, but I think it's just diggin' him into a deeper hole, of the "Oh fucking swell, now you tell us, where were you when it coulda done some good" variety.

Then there's the $4 million advance and the $50K per speaking engagement, but of course I'm sure that had nothing to do with it. Heh. I think his whole book tour should be under oath.

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