Monday, April 30, 2007


After watching 60 Minutes last night (first in a long time), a few thoughts came to mind.

1. George Tenet is just like Colin Powell, spineless. He knew right from wrong in 2002 just as well as he does now. There is no excuse for him not resigning as soon as he figured out what Bush/Cheney were up to.

2. He's still kissing the Chimp's ass, thanks to the Medal of Freedom Bush gave him. He should give the medal back (he shouldn't have accepted it in the first place). Everyone knows it was a payoff to shut him up. If he didn't understand he'd end up being a scapegoat if shit went awry, he had no business being Director of Central Intelligence.

3. He knew al-Qaeda would attack before September 11th and did nothing. Saying (paraphrasing) "I passed this off to Condi" is no excuse, not a mitigating factor. He should have gone directly to the American people, Congress at the very least. The crap he spewed about not being able to share info with FBI is horseshit. If an attack was that imminent, throw protocol (and the law) in the trash and scream it from the hilltops if those in charge won't listen and let the chips fall where they may. He'd be a hero now.

4. I write books (probably better than Tenet's). If I knew what Tenet knew, I wouldn't be waiting months, years, to bring the information to the American people and, more importantly, Congress. Profits be damned, he had an obligation to the people paying his salary, not to his own enrichment. I'm certain he has more than enough money.

5. He should also be facing a war crimes tribunal along with the Chimp, Cheney, and the rest. Through his inaction, he's just as culpable.


And an additional thought. It would have been nice if he stood up for his people as valiantly to the Neocon Cabal as he did for 60 Minutes. He allowed them to (paraphrasing) "look like a buncha idiots" for all these years until last night, until he could make a profit from it.

Off to the shop ...

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