Thursday, May 31, 2007

Kristol and the Kagans - Lamest Band Name Ever

The Rude One

The Rude Pundit could've gotten a brain-damaged monkey and sat it in front of a giant board filled with squares, each predicting what might happen if the United States invaded Iraq. That brain-damaged monkey could've thrown its shit at the board, and someone could've announced on what square the shit landed, and even if the shit had missed the board entirely, there's a good chance that that brain-damaged, shit-tossing monkey would've been right more often about the war in Iraq than William Kristol or Frederick Kagan.

I love that guy, but for once I gotta call him on it: that's pretty much exactly what happened, only it wasn't a monkey but a brain-damaged Chimp, and it hasn't been right yet. All the neocons are exactly even on Iraq predictions, wrong 100% of the time.

And what happened to the mass quantities of Chimp-flung shit? Our troops are catching it.

A tip o' the brain to 'unbelievable', commenter #40 at Think Progress.

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