Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Lone Pine deux

Last week, I threatened to post a picture of the view from our motel in Lone Pine. Hyar 'tis.

The road is US 395. Then there's cows, which my dogs were fascinated by. Beyond that, the Alabama Hills, and beyond that, Mt. Whitney.

We drove down the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada to L.A., then back up Highway 1 (see also 'Other Names') and US 101 along the coast, then east past Casa de Fruta through Pacheco Pass* to I-5, up to I-80 and home. Sort of a 'Great Circle Route'. The trip was 1250 miles and we only had to do a couple hunnert of 'em on the superslab.

I think you can see why we like to do it that way instead of 'hammerin' with the herd' the whole way through the (bor-ring!) Central Valley..

*Wikipedia needs editing: SR 152 has been four lanes over its entire length for several years. The lore of Pacheco Pass has suffered because of it. Used to be, there was a ghostly lovelorn Indian Princess who would magically appear on the road and cause cars to wreck. I think there was usually a breathalyser involved afterwards. Since the road was widened, she apparently (apparitionally?) confines her activities to the old two-lane section which isn't even there anymore.

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