Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Told ya

All Iraq has ever been about is oil. Walk in, knock Saddam off, and take the oil for Halliburton and Exxon/Mobil. Shit's hitting the fan and there's only one thing the Chimp is worried about:

But two senior Iraqi officials told The Associated Press that Bush warned al-Maliki that Washington expected to see "tangible results quickly" on the oil bill and other legislation as the price for continued support.

Freedom? Feh. Democracy? Puh. Like Jed Clampett learned a long time ago, it's all about the Black Gold.

You know, the Chimp shoulda been straight with his generals right up front. "Get me the oil and hold it," was all he would have had to say and they would have done it. There'd be Jarheads standing on every drilling rig and the shit would be flowing like the Mississippi River. But he had to gin it up in a U.N. resolution so the American people would swallow it. If he would have been straight with us; ("I'll git y'all 50 cent a gallon gas if you let me kick over Iraq and take it.") the majority of us would have probably gone along as well.

Incompetent, murderous fools.

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