Thursday, May 24, 2007

Salvaging the cave in ...

The Dems' cave on the funding supplemental for Iraq sucks ass. Thing is though, they just moved this argument another Friedman Unit into the future. Maybe they'll grow a set by then. It would be nice to get it through their thick heads our troops are dying at an ever-increasing rate, but it's a foregone conclusion that won't happen. Steve Soto gives us a glimpse of reality about what we need to do when the fight starts again.

A day after the funding deal was reached, it is now time to figure out what to do next. There is a short term and mid-term course of action. For the short term, as others have noted, Democrats in each house should vote against the supplemental to demonstrate that they are against the GOP’s auto-pilot rubber stamping of this war. Let Mitch McConnell and John Boehner worry about assembling the majorities for their blank checks.

Some would say that this is wrong because the bill contains other spending the Democrats like, but the Democrats were wrong to muddy the issues in the first place. Bush and the GOP should have been forced to veto or use parliamentary tricks to kill each of these popular domestic issues one at a time, so that a record could have been built of McConnell and Boehner killing off the SCHIP expansion, the minimum wage increase, the 9/11 Commission recommendations, the Katrina relief. I would also say that the GOP and White House need to be forced to kill or veto the ethics reform package, the Medicare Part D fixes, the student loan reforms as well, but it seems the Democrats are quite willing to screw those over themselves.


Note to Dems: We put you there to straighten this mess out and get in the Chimp's face. Let's get on it or we'll find someone else to do it. The idea is to get Bush and Cheney out and then you can enact progressive legislation and bring our troops home. By 21 Jan 2009, the death toll for our troops could be well over 5000. The longer you dick around, the more blood will be on your hands. Most of you still have a lot of explaining to do regarding why you gave the Chimp authorization in the first place, you idiots.

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