Sunday, June 10, 2007

Are you wearing those boots with that rifle?

MoDo asks the burning question:

Be honest. Who would you rather share a foxhole with: a gay soldier or Mitt Romney?

She came up with the same answer I did:

A gay soldier, of course. In a dicey situation like that, you need someone steadfast who knows who he is and what he believes, even if he’s not allowed to say it out loud.

The Republican field seems stale and out of sync. They should have listened to the inimitable Barry Goldwater, who told it true: You don’t have to be straight to shoot straight.

Believe me, I am 100% behind (is that gay?) this Repuglican't field! They are the Dems' best chance to wrest us away from incompetence, intolerance, and insanity. Even with them we're still in trouble, but maybe less of it.

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