Sunday, June 10, 2007

Surprise! Surprise!

Brother deuddersun sucked me in on this one:

What should you be in the military?


You scored as a marine, being a marine is a very honorable position, and are highly respected, you maybe one of the most common sodliers (sic - don't call ME no fuckin' sodlier! - G), but are known for getting the job done and you kick some some F'in terrorist ***!! oooraahh!

First try, too, although I take the more romantic view:

It was easy - I just checked all the boxes with "Oorah!" or "never leave yer buddies behind". It has to be easy for Marines to do it...f'rinstance I had to c&p this by the each instead of snaggin' it whole with nice borders'n all like deuddersun did. I think he was smart enough not to get to be in the grunts...

Take the quiz yerself. Note to AF weenies: there's no questions about which fork to use or the proper military alignment of yer sock drawer.

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