Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Five Pillars of Bush, with apologies to T.E. Lawrence

Democratic Underground with today's 'recommended read'. Nothing really new, but a nice neat package.

A tremendous amount of damage has been done to our country since George Bush took office, and consequently we now find ourselves in a perilous crisis, with our Constitution in tatters, our treasury being depleted by rampant militarism, our international reputation at an all time low, and with a broken election system. Therefore, Americans would do well to carefully consider prior to the next election the five pillars of George Bush's Republican Party. This is a description of five groups of people, the first four which overlap to a great extent, who lead, support, and vote for today's Republican Party.

The economic royalists (Quotes from FDR and Al Gore)

The militarists


There are several causes and components of this rampant militarism. One primary cause overlaps with the economic royalists: Wealthy corporate friends of the Bush administration have made billions from their no-bid contracts associated with the Iraq war, as billions of dollars have gone missing; we have built several permanent military bases in Iraq; and now we are insisting upon and intimidating the Iraqi government to gain control of their oil.

That word, 'oil', seems to be cropping up a lot lately for some reason...

For millions of Americans who support the rampant militarism of George Bush's Republican Party, fear and racism undoubtedly play a major role. Constant fear mongering by the Bush administration causes many ordinary Republicans to be so fearful for their own safety that they are willing to have their Constitution and the rule of law in their country destroyed in return for George Bush's promises to protect them. The fact that most of the victims of George Bush's cruel and inhuman policies are Muslims of Middle Eastern descent and dark skin undoubtedly makes that bargain more palatable to many of his followers.

The paper Bush's 'promises' are written on should be kept on a roll next to the toilet.

The propagandists and destroyers of our First Amendment rights

The crooks

AKA the 'con men'. Not enough bandwidth.

The gullible

AKA the 'marks'. The largest group of Repuglican'ts.

Despite all their money, the support of most of the corporate news media, and widespread election fraud, Republicans nevertheless must still rely on many millions of gullible Americans to push them over the top. They must convince many millions of Americans to buy into the absurdity that their economic policies are not weighted heavily in favor of the rich and powerful; that George Bush and his associates didn't know that Iraq posed no threat to us whatsoever when he went to war against them; that the tough talk and excessive eagerness of Republicans to pull their country into war is a manifestation of courage; and finally, many millions of Christians buy into the absurd idea that George Bush and the Republican Party is the party of Christian values.


That is the essence of the Constitutional crisis we have today. Many of our Democratic representatives feel that if we wait it out for another year and a half and elect a Democratic Congress and President in 2008 we will get back on the right track. My great fear is that it will be too late by then. A solid precedent will have been set that says that it is ok for our President to be above the law, like a King, rather than a servant of the people. I don't see how we’re going to reverse that precedent if we don't take aggressive steps to remove George Bush and Dick Cheney from the offices they have so greatly abused, while we still have the chance.

Hear, hear. Go read.

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