Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Joke Line grows a nut ...

And he actually calls McSame out for the bullshit he makes up:

Yesterday, Time's Joe Klein noted that he could find no evidence that Sen. Barack Obama had ever specifically said he would negotiate with Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad:


KLEIN: The Supreme, you know, according to most diplomatic experts, the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei is the guy who's in charge of Iranian foreign policy and also in charge of the nuclear program, but you never mention him. Do you, you know, um, why do you always keep talking about Ahmadinejad since he doesn't have power in that, in that realm?

MCCAIN: Oh I thin-Again, I respectfully disagree. When he's the person that comes to the United Nations and declares his country's policy is the extermination of the state of Israel, quote, in his words, wipe them off of the map, then I know that he is speaking for the Iranian government and articulating their policy and he was elected and is running for reelection as the leader of that country. Yes sir, go ahead.


Shows you the depth of McCain's foreign policy acumen when he doesn't get how the Iranian government is organized. It's especially telling since he also doesn't understand the differences between the Shi'ia and Sunni sects of Islam, or spouts crap about the Iranians (Shi'ia) supporting al-Qaeda (Sunni). I'm sure they're all just 'sandniggers' to him.

For those who wouldn't vote for Hillary or Barack for whatever reason and would rather vote for McCain I ask you this. Why would you want a President who doesn't have a clue about the people he'll be sending your children to kill?

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