Monday, May 19, 2008

Oh, the irony...

Ironic Times

Leave the Batteries at Home, This Bra's Solar-Powered!
Gals on the go -- when your cellphone or iPod needs a charge, all you do is step outside in full view of the sun, rip off your blouse and let this dual-purpose wonder bra lift, separate and soak up those rays. Envious onlookers will wonder how you're generating so much energy just by standing there. $125, at all Charge It! stores.

By George, I think they're onto something! They just need to work on miniaturization of the components...

GOP Fears Losing Core Constituencies
Evangelical Christians, shady energy entrepreneurs, male escort service operators no longer a sure thing.

Polar Bears Given Limited Threatened Species Status
They'll be protected as long as they stay out of ANWAR and practice abstinence.

Methane Emissions, Mostly From Cows, Greater Threat Than CO2
Experts call for massive, sustained barbecue.

Same-Sex Relationships Common Among Hundreds of Species
Only porcupines specifically forbid it.

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