Monday, October 4, 2010

It ain't about the President anymore

Brebt Budowsky on Saturday's big not-teabagger rally in D.C.:

A year ago there would have been wall to wall Obama pictures. At this rally they were few and far between. This is good. People came to the rally because of the beliefs they share, and the causes and issues they believe in, not because of any one person or personality.

I believe Democrats will turn out in lesser numbers than in 2008 but in greater numbers than pundits expect. Democrats will turn out because they care about the future of the nation but not because of any single person or personality.

I doubt the president or White House staff fully understand this. But I doubt that it matters whether or not they do.

We got all fired up over the guy and elected him by enough of a margin the Repugs couldn't steal it. Well and good. Personally, I think he's doing all right. I'm a realist and he's better than the alternative would have been.

It ain't about him any more. The upcoming election is about the survival of the nation for two more years.

How long can this country wobble along on the verge of madness two years at a time?

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