Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Pixie Dust Blues

Will Durst hyperboles* on whiny lefties and the 'enthusiasm gap'. Strangely for him, you should read.

*If that wasn't a verb, it is now.

The Disciples are disappointed with their Messiah. Not every one of their pet projects got passed in the previous 20 months. So they whine and they grouse and they grumble and snipe and gripe and snivel and whimper and wail. “He didn’t pass the Rainbows in Every Pantry Act.” “He showed his true colors by failing to put an end to world hunger.” “He’s just a Republican in moderate Democratic clothing.” And compared to them, he is. Of course, compared to them, so is Fidel.

Most of these sour-pouting pusses are the far left-wing nut-jobs who remain royally pissed the president didn’t push through single-payer, blissfully unaware of any resistance offered by the opposition. It doesn’t matter. Superman shouldn’t need help. Conservatives know the importance of banding together to do whatever it takes: lie, cheat, steal, obstruct. Progressives, on the other hand, need to be goosed to get off the couch when it’s on fire.

The couch is on fire.

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