Thursday, February 10, 2011

Gay Pirates Are Invading Tampa!


Eugene Delgaudio, a Republican official in Virginia’s Loudon County, best known for claiming that gay TSA agents were getting their jollies patting down male passengers’ junk, is sending out a letter to his constituents claiming that radical homosexual pirates have invaded Tampa Bay, Florida, and are roaming the streets. [...]

Apparently, sex acts performed by non-open homosexuals are a-okay, which, of course, conveniently gives a pass to those thousands of closeted gay Republican politicians. We’re looking at you, Eugene.

Some gratuitous personal FYI from the writer:

Once you’ve done the bolero with a torero you want no more-o the senora, as they say, more or less, in Seville.

You have to go read this. Set yer drink down.

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