Friday, February 11, 2011

Light Blogging Today

Gotta take the Mrs. to the offal awful opful fuck it eye doctor this morning. We think she's got a ripe cataract. She'll be in good hands with Doc Shakes. He did my last one.

I call him "Doc Shakes" because he came in to see me while I was getting prepped to have him slice 'n dice my eyeball. His hand was shaking uncontrollably and he said he'd had 12 cups of coffee to make sure he stayed awake while he was working on me. Fuckin' joker. I like that in a man. Heh.


All went well. She goes under the knife March 23 to get the first one fixed, an as yet unspecified date for the other one. I think she may get a little confused by being able to see without glasses for the first time in fifty years, but she'll get used to it.

Update the Twoth:

I found out (because I asked) that Doctor Camp doesn't pull that shaky hand jive on just anybody. He's only done it to a coupla folks. He has to pick patients that he figures a) won't freak out, and b) that'll get a kick out of it. I feel honored to have been so chosen.

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