Sunday, May 15, 2011

Your Bullshit Abuse of Teachers Is Killing Education (Series Part 5)

The Rude Pundit

Let's conclude this week about how badly we've screwed with our children's education under No Child Left Behind (and whatever Frankenstein monster Arne Duncan and the President are stitching together) with a few words from some teachers. They were kind and gutsy enough to write into the Rude Pundit, and he will protect your identities (and do some minor edits). Offered without comment:

From Carla:
"Not a single teacher I know, including myself, has anything positive to say about NCLB. Topping the list is stopping teachers from teaching, thus stopping students from real learning, thus teachers getting the blame, thus teachers getting further underpaid, losing jobs, and classrooms becoming more crowded as schools are unable to meet the percentages, and lose funding and more teachers; the entire original concept of NCLB is doing what is was designed to do: destroy the public school system, all said here in one long run-on sentence because I can."

And entirely out of context which makes the point very well:

[...] This is probably the goal, as it keeps the masses from being successful in school. [...]

The goal of the Repugs and oligarchs is Chinese wages for everybody. Everybody but them.

Much, much more.


And don't forget an unending supply of prison labor as a result of Repug control of education. Even cheaper, and paid for with your tax money. Not theirs.

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Anonymous said...

stop this abuse and child abuse shit. Abuse DOEST NOT EXIST! it is a modern word these days but its allbullshit All is considered as abuse now? grow some balls and go back to normality where we all lived in