Sunday, February 12, 2012

In this country ...

We got hog calling. In Germany they call the deer:

The hunt is on for Germany’s champion deer caller.

Enthusiasts grunted, bawled and bellowed their way through imitations of red deer in the breeding season in the 14th edition of the competition at the Hunter & Dog Trade Fair in the city of Dortmund.


Of course, being Germans, the have apparatus. Video at the link.


Gordon said...

Sort of a "Deutsche Didgeridoo".

We don't bother calling deer. Just drive down the road and they'll jump in front of you.

Gordon said...

I've come close a few times, but only hit one deer. Luckily it was daylight and I saw the deer in time to clamp on the binders. i was almost stopped when I hit him/her. Knocked it about 30 feet. It got up and ran off and the fan wasn't hitting the radiator or anything so I drove on. Broke one piece of plastic on the grille of my '81 LUV.

If there are deer on one side of the road, sail on. If there are deer on both sides of the road, watch out. Your car will scare at least one of 'em to wanta join his buddies across the road.

I think deer whistles work. I used to have them on my helmet.

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