Sunday, February 12, 2012


Go read about Starbucks invading India (hint: they're late to the party) here. I love the fake logo and wanted to share.

We have two Starbucks in my town of fifteen thousand, and they're about 50 feet apart. One's a regular store and one is in the Safeway next door. Hell, we've got a coffee bar, complete with barista, inside the entranceway to the hardware store across the street from 'em as well. Other places in town too. You're never far from a shot of overpriced coffee around here.


BadTux said...

Well, you guys got some of that cold white stuff that falls from the sky up there, I understand. I'm sure that drives the hot beverage market there. Down here by the sea in the Silly Cone Valley, what we got on every street corner is a pho shop :).

- Badtux the "Well, it's hot too I guess" Penguin

David Aquarius said...

I think I got you both beat.
Within 6 blocks I have 15 coffee stands, 6 Pho shops, five tacorias, and four Mexican and two Asian groceries.

And I'm in the 'berbs.