Monday, February 6, 2012

Rooty Nooty ...

I'm rooting for Noot too:


Meanwhile, the other big reason I'm rooting for Newt is colonizing the moon. He's not backing down on that proposal and says it can be done without "massive government spending." I don't care how they pay for it. I want to be a pioneer in the final frontier and live on the moon. I mean who wouldn't want to wake up and see the Earth rise?

Say what you will about the big load of shit, he does have a way with the English language and when is ire is directed against his fellow GOP candidates, it's entertaining as hell. I hope that twit Adelson finances him all the way to the convention.

Thanks to MBRU for the link.

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Anonymous said...

Moon base? Veddy interesting. I've been wondering if it had sunk through Newt's consciousness that the world is slowly and irrevocably being poisoned?

Is he planning on the taxpayers to building he and his wife an escape refuge?

Oh, well, by the time that it could be completed, Newt will have changed his wife and religion again.