Friday, February 10, 2012

When Clint Eastwood Mocks You, You're Officially Screwed

William Rivers Pitt

You know the wheels have come off the GOP wagon when the Republicans feel compelled to accuse Clint Eastwood of being a shill for the president, but that is precisely what has transpired. [...]

Reaction from the Republican Right was both swift and hilarious. Apparently, and according to the GOP, Dirty Harry is a dirty liberal hippy socialist communist who hates America and is in the pocket of our birthplace-questionable president...but the GOP found itself struggling to be coherent in its critique.

Take, as the prime example, the words of Karl Rove,...

You crack me up, Karl. Some of us remember.

P.S., the Detroit bailout worked, which is what pisses you off...that, and the fact that you and your ilk can't admit it when you're wrong. Detroit lives, you hate it, and all your tantrum will accomplish is to paint Michigan a bright, vivid Blue in November of 2012. Congratulations, genius.

In other words, fuck you, Turdblossom, you whiny bitch. Better, to quote Gunny Highway, who makes Dirty Harry look like a pussy: "Be advised. I'm mean, nasty and tired. I eat concertina wire and piss napalm and I can put a round in a flea's ass at 200 meters. So why don't you go hump somebody else's leg, mutt face, before I push yours in."

A neat segue into a few hundred words on the contraception non-issue follow.

In other words: Shut the F-k up.

This is, to be sure, a thick and knotted forest of gibberish and nonsense we must hack through in order to find our way to daylight. The daylight is there, however, without a shred of doubt. The Right would love, love, love to careen our national discussion away from a conversation on the economy they have plundered and the jobs they have destroyed, and steer it instead toward a discussion of snowflake babies, unrequited semen, and the importance of being earnest. The events of the last week have given them a wide window to do so, save for the fact that the American people have no interest in their opinions regarding the matters at hand.

Jobs? Fail. Choice? Fail. Contraception? Fail.

For the first time in living memory, the Culture War battlefield is tilting hard against the Right. This we call "evolution."

I suppose it was inevitable. In "Unforgiven," it was Clint Eastwood who said, "We all got it coming, kid."

Gunny Highway: "Why don't I bend you over the table there... send you home with the "I just pumped the neighbor's cat" look on your face."

Works for me.


Crooks and Liars

Stuart Varney Thinks Pro-Obama Ad Directors Tricked Clint Eastwood Into Chrysler Ad

Desperate people say desperate things. Heh.

Fox News just cannot leave this alone. First of all, they loathe American car companies, especially American car companies who were part of the auto industry rescue. Those companies would be General Motors and Chrysler. Never mind that the first piece of the bailout was in December 2008 before Barack Obama took office. It was nevertheless a grievous socialist sin visited upon us by That Guy in the White House.

Enter Chrysler, with a commercial made by a staunch Republican with a simple message: It's halftime in America, and we've clawed our way back from the brink of collapse. It is not a partisan message. It is a celebration of success and overcoming, something that everyone should celebrate. Unless, of course, your political fortunes might turn on America's decline. There is that.

See, Clint Eastwood isn't a fool. He knows that recovery in this country is good for all of us. The only people who stand to lose are those who stand to sabotage that recovery for political gain. Not surprisingly, those same people tend to inhabit, comment on, and view Fox News.

They can't stop spinning or they'll fall over. I'm waiting for 'em to spin so fast they explode from centrifugal force. Heh.


Fixer said...

Stuart Varney Thinks Pro-Obama Ad Directors Tricked Clint Eastwood Into Chrysler Ad

Oh yes, that sneaky old Obama tricked Clint Eastwood. Sounds like something a 15 year old might say.

casey said...

Hello Gordon,

I wish to bring a different point of view to the story. Automobile employees are moving from union jobs at $ 38 or so per hour "down" to $ 14 per hour with less benefits. There are many more applicants for those jobs so an increase in salary is unlikely and decreases in salary by freezing the salary is likely. Strikes are forbidden so work conditions will move towards that which others in the world are subjected to. See Chinese workers for one path that these and other US workers are heading.