Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Scrap the wingnuts, Clyde...

Shopping day today. I'll leave yas with this, links and video:

Dirty Harry has turned against the GOP.

That’s basically the message in last night’s episode of The Rachel Maddow Show, during which guest host Chris Hayes examined the popular Chrysler Super Bowl ad featuring Oscar-winning director Clint Eastwood.

His conclusion: Eastwood’s sideways endorsement of the auto bailouts punches conservatives where it hurts — right in the Reagan.

But now that Eastwood is singing a different tune, and praising one of President Barack Obama’s policies on an issue where his likely Republican challenger goes in the exact opposite direction, conservatives have been sent reeling.

Yep, ol' Clint committed an unpardonable sin - he told the truth about something Obama did.


Fixer said...

Well, truth has a liberal bias. They're just pissed because Dirty Harry used to be one of theirs until he came out for gay marriage and made this commercial.

BadTux said...

Reagan bailed out Harley-Davidson and he would have bailed out GM and Chrysler too if that had happened on his watch. But Reagan was actually a patriotic American -- a *senile* patriotic American, and one who passed laws and instituted policies that basically have destroyed America, but he at least *thought* (for some definition of "think") that he was doing the right thing for America. Today's Republicans... nothing but fear, hate, and selfish self-interest, they don't care about America and Americans, they only care about themselves.

- Badtux the American Penguin