Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dear God, Please Blow Me

Pat Robertson: Prayer Could Have Stopped the Tornadoes

The equally ridiculous flip side is that some of what the phony Christians like Robertson pray for mighta caused them.


Labrys said...

Well, you know, this is how it goes if you don't properly propitiate that Cop in the Sky.

I vote we throw Limbaugh, Rove, and Robertson in a volcano! A high fat diet always cheers ME up, maybe it will work on their Gawd, too.

Fixer said...

That's a high-bullshit diet and that'll kill ya. Heh ...

David Aquarius said...

Praying to your 'god' won't stop the tornadoes, Patty, my boy. Your 'god' didn't cause them, mine did.

Mother Nature is the guilty party and She's not looking for any half-baked sterile incantations from your load of ignorant teabagging inbred followers that, in the Natural World, would have been left to die at birth.

She's good and pissed and isn't taking shit from us any more.

Just take a look at the areas that have been the hardest hit. These counties run dark red. They live, eat and breathe Republican. This wasn't so much a case of natural disaster as it was a case of natural selection. Mention the words 'climate change' to these folks and you'd be run out of town on a rail.

Payback's a bitch.

Now, less snark... No one deserves what happened. This is a time of getting help to these people and rebuilding their lives. The government is the best vehicle for this. (Fuck You, Gov. Kasich)

But this SHOULD be a wake up call to the people that live in areas like this that it's long past time to do something about it. They better start finding a few working brain cells and use them to come out of the right wing hole they've fallen into. If you hitch your ride to a train going over a cliff, don't be surprised if you find yourself plummeting to the rocks below.

To Pat Robertson, 'praying' means 'donating'. Your prayers won't get to God until you cut Pat a fat check.

My 'god' wants you to stop shitting in your own nest. His 'god' wants you to make Pat Robertson a very, very wealthy man.

Decisions, decisions...

Gordon said...

Good rant, David!

Labrys said...

Yeah, great rant, David! Isn't it funny that the loons aren't pointing and claiming it was all in payment of sin, sin, sin.....as New Orleans was?

Just that sad little lack of prayer bit. Morons.