Friday, March 9, 2012

"A Second Civil War is a real possibility"

From The Passing of Andrew Breitbart: Know Thine Enemies:

We are in a civil war folks. The corporatist state side (AKA the corporate power) knows it. Many on our side don't. They still think that it's politics as usual. They think that at some time the Republican Party will come to its senses and return to being the traditional center-right party it was until the Gingrich wing took it over. It's time that we all begin to wake up. The GOP is now a far-right party, in the context of what such parties look like in the other advanced capitalist nations. US capitalism has become increasingly less dependent on manufacturing and increasingly more dependent on the extraction and sale, at home and abroad, of fossil fuels, and on profits to be derived from purely financial transactions. Since the GOP cannot run on such a platform, it must run on such issues as racism, homophobia, misogyny, religious bigotry (abortion illegalization being based much more on the latter than the former), Islamophobia, and the drive towards Permanent War (although other words are used to describe it).

We've known this for years, but it seems to be dawning on folks thanks to the tremendous tin-eared ineptitude of this primary season and Obama Obssessive Disorder in the candidates, Repug gasbags, and the retard Dead End Quarter whom they think is a lot bigger than it is.

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Grung_e_Gene said...

Let's play Jeopardy,

"I'll take things Liberals have known about Republicans for 30 years. For a $1000, Gordon."