Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Crazy ...

Sorry about the sporadic appearances but if we thought life couldn't get crazier, it has. As you know, we're dealing with my dad-in-law's passing and all that entails (the Mrs. is the executor), trying to get his house in order to put it on the market, trying to get my deck finished before the end of summer (maybe I should have put it off until next year), and the normal stuff we never seem to have time for anymore. Then, this week, my sister-in-law's sister passed away after dealing with cancer and diabetes (and the complications from both) for a few years. Not unexpected, she was terminal and, like dad-in-law, in a better place now. It's just made doing depressing stuff a little more depressing.

This song's been going through my head since we got the news. Apropos for her, I think.

The Kinks - Come Dancing

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montag said...

Sorry to hear about the latest death in your family.

You do have your hands full. Do you have any friends who could help you finish the deck in exchange for something later when you aren't so busy? Maybe even hire someone to help the economy. You will want a place to kick back when summer rolls in full time.